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Format - SolidWorks
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The SolidWorks component manages InterOp interaction with SolidWorks formats. This component is in the form of shared libraries.


The SolidWorks component requires a Parasolid communicator license. For information regarding platform support, memory size, and hard disk space requirements, refer to Installation.

Note: Refer to Format and Version Support for the Parasolid version requirements.

To read a SolidWorks file:

  1. Set the P_SCHEMA environment variable to point to a correct SCHEMA.
  2. Set the path to the Parasolid Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs).

The following table lists the correct settings for Parasolid while reading a SolidWorks file:

Environment Variable Value
PSDIR Parasolid installation directory
PATH %X3DT%\%ARCH%\code\lib;%PSDIR%\dll;%A3DT%\%ARCH%\code\lib (append this path to the existing path)

Attribute Mapping

The SolidWorks component supports the following list of attributes while translating from and to SolidWorks file format:

Attribute Description
Instance name name of instance in assembly
Color color
Name Body, Face, and Edge name

Entity Mapping

Entities that are mapped between SolidWorks and other supported InterOp file formats are as follows:

SolidWorks Entity Form
PK_ASSEMBLY_t assembly
PK_BODY_t body
PK_BCURVE_t bspline curve
PK_BSURF_t bspline surface
PK_CIRCLE_t circle curve
PK_FIN_t coedge
PK_CONE_t cone surface
PK_CYL_t cylinder surface
PK_EDGE_t edge
PK_ELLIPSE_t ellipse curve
PK_FACE_t face
PK_LINE_t line curve
PK_LOOP_t loop
PK_OFFSET_t offset surface
PK_PLANE_t planar surface
PK_POINT_t a point
PK_REGION_t connected subset of three dimensional space (type of topology).
PK_BODY_type_sheet_c of enum type PK_BODY_type_t sheet body
PK_SHELL_t shell
PK_BODY_type_solid_c of enum type PK_BODY_type_t solid body
PK_INSTANCE_t an instance of assembly
PK_SPHERE_t sphere surface
PK_SPUN_t a surface obtained by spinning a curve around an axis
PK_SWEPT_t a surface obtained by sweeping a curve in a given direction
PK_TORUS_t torus surface
PK_VERTEX_t vertex
PK_BODY_type_wire_c of enum type PK_BODY_type_t wire body
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