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ERROR ID Message Location
RADIX_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO SPAradix_int error: division by zero lic_utl.err
RAIL_CURVE_NULL Unable to compute the guide curve for sweep surface sweep.err
RAYINFACE_NO_HIT in-face ray misses intended loop ptinface.err
RAYTEST_NO_HIT ray test failed to find intersection raytest.err
RBI_BAD_BOX invalid box supplied rbi.err
RBI_BAD_FACE face(s) supplied invalid, duplicate or from different bodies rbi.err
RBI_BAD_OP_ON_ATT invalid operation on RBI attribute rbi.err
RBI_FREE_EDGE free edge detected rbi.err
RBI_INTERNAL internal error rbi.err
RBI_INVERTED_FACES_NOT_ALLOWED Faces in the model get inverted by this Operation rbi.err
RBI_IRREP_FACE_LOOP face loops not repairable rbi.err
RBI_NON_MANIFOLD non-manifold edge detected rbi.err
RBI_NOT_4_COEDGES not 4 coedges on intermediate non manifold edge rbi.err
RBI_NOT_IMPLEMENTED not yet implemented rbi.err
RBI_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_FOR_CELL RBI is not implemented for cellular topology rbi.err
RBI_NO_BODY no body supplied rbi.err
RBI_NO_FACE no faces supplied rbi.err
RBI_NO_LUMP_LEFT no lumps left in body rbi.err
RBI_NO_SOLUTION gap cannot be filled rbi.err
RBI_REMOTE_FACE_INTR Found a remote face intersection between changing and unchanging faces rbi.err
RBI_SELF_INT_FACE self intersecting face rbi.err
REBEND_ANGLE Cannot rebend angles of 2 pi or greater. warpapi.err
REBEND_CLASSIFY_CB Failure to classify a cell body during rebending. warpapi.err
REBEND_NOT_POSSIBLE The specified rebend cannot be done. warpapi.err
REBEND_SHEET Rebending of sheet bodies is not supported. warpapi.err
RECOGNITION_AND_REMOVAL_ALREADY_DONE Feature recognition and removal is already done defeature.err
RECOGNITION_IS_NOT_DONE Feature recognition is not done defeature.err
RECORD_TYPE data structure record of unknown type data.err
REDO_NARROW_REGIONS Re-faceting with checks for narrow regions facet.err
REDO_NO_APPROX Re-faceting without using approximating surfaces facet.err
REMOVAL_ALREADY_DONE Feature removal is already done defeature.err
REMOVAL_IS_NOT_DONE Feature removal is not done defeature.err
REMOVE_NO_USECOUNT called remove() on entity with no use count data.err
REM_BAD_BOX invalid box supplied rem.err
REM_BAD_EDGE edge(s) supplied invalid, duplicate or from different wire body rem.err
REM_BAD_FACE face(s) supplied invalid, duplicate or from different shells rem.err
REM_FREE_EDGE free ( sheet ) edge detected rem.err
REM_INTERNAL internal error rem.err
REM_INVALID_REMOVE the remove sequence is not valid rem.err
REM_LAST_SHELL only shell in body would be lost rem.err
REM_MODEL_REF_WRONG_ASSEMBLY Attempted to remove model-reference from an assembly other than its owner asm_error_kern.err
REM_NON_MANIFOLD non-manifold edge or vertex detected rem.err
REM_NOT_IMPLEMENTED not yet implemented rem.err
REM_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_FOR_CELL rem is not implemented for cellular topology rem.err
REM_NO_EDGE no edges supplied rem.err
REM_NO_EDGES no edges left to form solution rem.err
REM_NO_FACE no faces supplied rem.err
REM_NO_SOLUTION gap cannot be filled rem.err
REM_NO_WIRE_BODY edge does not belong to a wirebody rem.err
REM_REMOTE_FACE_INTR remove operation affects remote face(s) rem.err
REM_TWO_LOOP network of removed faces has two loops rem.err
REPAIR_INTERNAL Internal repair husk error repair.err
RESTORE_BAD_LONG attempt to read a true 64 bit long on a 32-bit platform fileio.err
RESTORE_EOF unexpected end of restore file fileio.err
RESTORE_NO_ENUM missing enumeration in restore file fileio.err
RESTORE_NO_INT missing integer in restore file fileio.err
RESTORE_NO_LOGICAL missing logical in restore file fileio.err
RESTORE_NO_REAL missing double in restore file fileio.err
RESULT_FACE_NOT_NULL Resulting FACE pointer must be NULL on input acovr.err
REVOLVE_NON_CIRCLE To revolve around axis, the path must be circular. sweep.err
REV_APPROX_CRV approximating curve reversed insanity.err
RH_CE_ENVIRONMENT_END env map preprocessing ends intrface.err
RH_CE_ENVIRONMENT_MEMORY core env map memory failure intrface.err
RH_CE_ENVIRONMENT_START preprocessing of env map intrface.err
RH_CE_INTERNAL LightWorks internal error intrface.err
RH_CE_INVALID_CALL core invalid LightWorks call intrface.err
RH_CE_INVALID_FILE core invalid file format intrface.err
RH_CE_INVALID_SHADER core incompatible shader intrface.err
RH_CE_MATHS core maths error intrface.err
RH_CE_MEMORY core general memory failure intrface.err
RH_CE_MISC core miscellaneous error intrface.err
RH_CE_NONE no error intrface.err
RH_CE_READ_FILE core error reading file intrface.err
RH_CE_SHADOWS_END shadow preprocessing ends intrface.err
RH_CE_SHADOWS_START preprocessing of shadows intrface.err
RH_CE_SHADOW_MEMORY core shadow memory failure intrface.err
RH_CE_SYSTEM core system error intrface.err
RH_CE_TEXTURE_END texture preprocessing ends intrface.err
RH_CE_TEXTURE_MEMORY core texture memory failure intrface.err
RH_CE_TEXTURE_START preprocessing of texture intrface.err
RH_CE_WRITE_FILE core error writing file intrface.err
RH_IE_ARG_LMTEX Internal shader argument list limit reached intrface.err
RH_IE_ARG_MISMATCH Argument type does not match expected type intrface.err
RH_IE_ARG_UNKNOWN Unknown shader argument intrface.err
RH_IE_BAD_HANDLE Bad handle passed to function intrface.err
RH_IE_BCLS_CPY copying render husk entity base class intrface.err
RH_IE_BCLS_IRES saving render husk entity base class intrface.err
RH_IE_BCLS_ISAV restoring render husk entity base class intrface.err
RH_IE_CPY_NULL attempt to copy render entity with null handle intrface.err
RH_IE_CRT_FAIL Failed to create render entity intrface.err
RH_IE_ENTITY_MISMATCH Entity type is wrong for requested operation intrface.err
RH_IE_NOT_INIT render husk not initialized intrface.err
RH_IE_NULL_HANDLE Null handle passed to function intrface.err
RH_IE_OP_INTERRUPT Operation interrupted intrface.err
RH_IE_RST_ERR Error restoring render entity intrface.err
RH_IE_SAV_ERR Error saving render entity intrface.err
RH_IE_SHEAR_TRAN Attaching Material to body with shear transform intrface.err
RH_IE_UNDEF_ERR Unidentified render husk error intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_ARG Argument not found for given shader intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_CVAR Unknown control variable intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_FOTYPE Out of range or Unknown Fall off type intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_LIMODE Unknown internal mode intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_LITYPE Unknown internal type intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_OMODE Unknown output mode intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_RMODE Unknown render mode intrface.err
RH_IE_UNKN_SHADER Shader type not known for given shader class intrface.err
RH_NO_COLOR_ASSIGNED No color assigned to given material intrface.err
RH_SHADER_ARG_MISMATCH Adding Shader: Name already known, but different arg types rh_ent.err
RH_UE_BAD_COLOR_VAL Out of range color val, RGB color values must be between 0.0 and 1.0 intrface.err
RH_UE_BAD_REFLECT_VAL Out of range refletion val, reflection factors must be between 0.0 and 1.0 intrface.err
RH_UE_BAD_TRANSP_VAL Out of range transparency val, transparency value must be between 0.0 and 1.0 intrface.err
RIGID_W_DRAFT Rigid sweep with draft sweep.err
ROLLED_SPATIAL_ENTITY access to non-user bulletin board entities is not allowed bulletin.err
ROLL_DIRECTION_CONFUSED Roll direction not as expected bulletin.err
ROLL_NULL_BB rollback given null bulletin board bulletin.err
ROLL_OVER_ROOT Attempt to roll over root state bulletin.err
ROOT_DS_LOST root state lost bulletin.err
RUNTIME_SAFE_TYPE_CTOR runtime construction of a threadsafe type safe.err
RUNTIME_SAFE_TYPE_DTOR runtime destruction of a threadsafe type safe.err

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