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The 3D ACISĀ® Modeler (ACIS) is Spatial's prominent 3D solid modeling engine used by hundreds of software developers in more than 14 industries worldwide, including CAD/CAM/CAE, AEC, animation, and shipbuilding. ACIS provides some of the world's most recognized software developers and manufacturers with the underlying 3D modeling functionality necessary for creating innovative, high-performance applications.



Modeling with ACIS.
Model courtesy of Spatial customer IronCAD LLC.

ACIS features an open, object-oriented C++ architecture that enables robust, 3D modeling capabilities. ACIS is ideal for constructing applications with hybrid modeling features, since it integrates wireframe, sheet, and solid modeling functionality with both manifold and non-manifold topology, and a rich set of geometric operations. With ACIS, you get a sound base of 3D modeling functionality, plus the flexibility to meet individual application requirements.

To simplify development with ACIS, Spatial made its licensing plan accessible to software developers on a budget. Our business model allows you to develop applications using ACIS without up-front costs for the first year, or until your products ship. As a result, our revenue is directly tied to your time-to-market and success.

ACIS Core Functionality

3D Modeling

  • Extrude/revolve/sweep sets of 2D curves into complex surfaces or solids.
  • Fillet and chamfer between faces and along edges in surface and solid models.
  • Fit surfaces to a closed network of curves.
  • Generate patterns of repetitive shapes.
  • Hollow solids and thicken surfaces.
  • Interactively bend, twist, stretch, and warp combinations of curves, surfaces, and solids.
  • Intersect/subtract/unite any combination of curves, surfaces, and solids.
  • Loft surfaces to fit a set of profile curves.
  • Taper/offset/move surfaces in a model.

3D Model Management

  • Attach user-defined data to any level of a model.
  • Track geometry and topology changes.
  • Calculate mass and volume.
  • Model sub-regions of a solid using cellular topology.
  • Unlimited undo/redo with independent history streams.

3D Model Visualization

  • Tessellate surface geometry into polygonal mesh representation.
  • Create advanced surfacing capabilities with the optional Deformable Modeling component.
  • Generate precise 2D projections with hidden line removal using optional PHL V5 component.
  • Develop graphical applications easily using Tech Soft 3D's HOOPS 3D Application Framework, available from Spatial and integrated with ACIS.

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